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This Month – June 2019


It’s the time of year when the plants and flowers are brilliantly bright. It’s a wonderful sight when everything is fresh and new. We are very lucky to have a group in each village who take exceptional pride in keeping our flowerbeds and planters looking beautiful. They are out in all sorts of weather so that we can enjoy the display of flowers around the villages.
So imagine my anger when I saw, not for the first time, that someone has decided to help themselves to one of these lovely plants! Brighter Bridge of Weir made an appeal on facebook following the theft of a Forest Flame Pieris plant (like the one pictured) from the flowerbed beside the Prieston Road junction. The garden groups have suffered vandalism and theft from time to time over the years and I can’t believe that there is anyone in our vicinity who can possibly think this is acceptable.
These groups rely on donations of funds, plants and equipment to carry out their wonderful work. There is no ‘cooncil’ funding for this. So whoever pinched the plant, I hope you’re pleased with the new addition to your garden….. hmmm.
With good weather comes busy gardeners. However, gardeners beware. It’s still nesting season and some chicks and young birds haven’t left home yet. Please be wary when pruning and trimming hedges, trees and large shrubs. Have a quick look in the branches before beginning just in case there’s a nest there. Nesting season is nearing an end for most local bird species, so a short delay in the gardening schedule is all that’s needed.
It’s your last chance to make a comment on the Renfrewshire Local Development Plan. The deadline for comments is 5pm on Monday 10th June 2019. There is more detail on p7. The Plan affects the entire council area and outlines the Council’s policy on housing and preferred sites to meet the apparent housing shortfall over the next 10 years.
Anyone wanting more information on the proposals can access the plans via Renfrewshire Council’s web site at In the search box, enter ‘Proposed Local Development Plan 2019’. This will take you to the plan and associated background papers and maps, as well as the consultation response form.
There is an application to amend the planning for the former Bull’s Garage site. This replaces the previous application for retail units, making more retirement accommodation available instead. You can view the details on the Renfrewshire Council planning website under application number 19/0112/PP.
On Monday 13 May, 2019, Renfrewshire Council launched its “Our Renfrewshire” Community Survey. The survey is designed to start a conversation about the values that are most important to local people and the values and behaviours that you expect from your Council. To take part in the survey, visit
And finally, a lovely lady popped into the Advertizer office asking us to post out that she had lost a gold bracelet in Bridge of Weir. There is a reward being offered, so if anyone has come across this piece of jewellery then please contact 01505 613256.
Until next month…….

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