This Month – April 18

This Month – April 18


Did I really say, “I’ll be looking out the barbecue and dusting down the garden chairs”? Maybe a little overly optimistic. I signed off last month basking in warm sunshine and within the week we had 40cm of snow! I’ll try to avoid any weather predictions in this column.
Although staying with the snow theme for a moment, how lucky were those folks who live in the villages which still have a variety of local retailers. I am sure the local traders enjoyed a welcome surge in business during the few days of crisis. Hopefully those of us lucky enough to have this facility will continue to support them for more of our day to day shopping. Remember, they rely on this trade to keep going – it’s also a very sociable activity as a wee trip to the shops can involve a number of conversations.
Thank you to the team of roads department workers and local farmers who were out in the worst of weather trying to keep access open for traffic. Especially the farmers, as they don’t get a day off when it snows, farming and livestock is a 24-7 operation, yet they were out at all hours ploughing the snow off the roads. And a big thank you to the team of 4×4 drivers volunteering to go out and ferry the essential workers to and from their places of work. Thank you all.

Something in the air

Glasgow Airport is in the process of a public consultation on proposals to modernise our airspace. This will entail new routes for take-off, landings will remain the same. Basically this means you may end up with planes directly overhead when previously you enjoyed your surroundings undisturbed. A consultation document is available to download at…
It sets out in detail what is being proposed and how you can take part in the consultation. Submissions close on Friday 13th April 2018.

Kilmacolm’s History

A Heritage Centre for Kilmacolm is now a reality. This is a project which has been a long time in planning, but finally coming to a successful conclusion and should be open in the next few weeks. The top floor of the Kilmacolm Community Centre will exhibit a series of wall hangings depicting the history of Kilmacolm and its surroundings. I’ve had a sneak preview and it looks fabulous.

Coming Events

This year’s Paisley Food & Drink Festival runs from Friday 27th to Saturday 28th April when the very best of Scotland’s producers will showcase their wares to visitors in Paisley’s iconic Abbey Close. With tasting sessions, street food vendors, interactive workshops, live music and Scotland’s largest real ale festival.
There are a number of village events planned for the coming months. Some of these date back many years and are steeped in history, others are more recent additions to the calendar. They run like clockwork – weather permitting. All thanks to a small army of volunteers who give their time to gather in the wee dark hours of the winter to plan, organise and fundraise.
These various Galas and Fetes are always looking for volunteers. In particular Lochwinnoch Gala, which may not proceed this year if help isn’t found. If you feel you can lend a hand then please contact the various groups highlighted in the Village Section this month. Your involvement will be rewarding for yourself and the community, so why not become a part of your local community and offer your services.

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