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Do you want to get your business or name out there but aren’t quite sure how? We can make up artwork for your advert – all we need is some inspiration from you and any logos, images and information you want included.

We have a wide range of sizes and prices suit most specifications and budgets, but if you would like to discuss your plan further or need more information please call 01505 613340 or email

(Prices including VAT)

Advert Sizes

Full Page 19.5cm x 4cols
spot colour£731.88
full colour£846.41

Half Page 10cm x 4cols
spot colour£428.18
full colour£495.20

Quarter Page 10cm x 2cols
spot colour£228.88
full colour£264.69

Eighth Page 6cm x 2cols
spot colour£145.41
full colour£168.16

Twelfth Page 3cm x 2cols
spot colour£80.01
full colour£92.53


1 column4.5 cm
2 columns9.5 cm
3 columns14.5 cm
4 columns19.5 cm

Acceptable Formats

  • PDF or JPG
  • CMYK
  • 300dpi resolution
  • No calibration or profiles should be applied
  • All fonts must be embedded

Editorial Features

  • Lineage £16.79 inc Vat per 20 words (up to 200 words)
  • Must be accompanied by an advert at least 2 columns wide
  • Photographs no longer free of charge


Our deadlines ensure that your content gets into our magazine in time for publishing. All adverts must be proofed, approved and paid by the deadline to ensure inclusion in that issue. Dates may change due to school holidays – please keep checking for updates.


Advertising Submissions

  • All adverts must be confirmed and approved by our publication deadline.
  • Adverts outwith these dates may be accepted subject to conditions.
  • Repeat adverts, with no changes required, or Print-ready artwork, can be accepted on the deadline.
  • Adverts will not be published without prior payment.
  • All Advertisers must ensure their advert does not contravene the Conditions of Acceptance of Advertising.
  • Insertion of Advertisements and/or Editorial is strictly at the discretion of the Publisher.
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