There is a wonderful animal rescue charity running at Mid Gavin Equestrian centre by Howwood. Set up seven years ago by Jaine McPherson, with one mare and a Shetland, this has now escalated into around 30 horses and ponies and a waiting list of many more. Jaine had fantastic support from Margaret McPherson and Karen Crawford from day one. While Margaret got on with running the yard, Karen took it in her stride to keep the admin, fundraising and event side running. The charity also takes in battery hens who have served their time, and have rehomed a number of dogs, cats and rabbits. While the charity try to re-home as many as they can, some of these horses are in need of specialised care. Some are quite elderly, some have arthritis, a couple have narcolepsy, all of which make them less likely to be taken on by another family.
As this has been a wet and harsh winter, the hay, feed and bedding bills have gone through the roof, there is still rent to pay, and vet bills are a constant worry for the Charity. Recently, one of their favourite residents, Sammy, came down suddenly with colic and was rushed to the Glasgow Vet School. He was operated on straight away but unfortunately they were not able to save him. The charity still has a bill to settle for this, and has opened a gofundme page to try to help cover the cost at
I met Margaret on a cold and wet morning at the stables. The horses all looked happy and cosy in their stables, but this has been part of the problem. With the recent weather, the horses are being kept inside more than normal. But Margaret still had a smile on her face as she explained the need for funding help. And with the number of animals to be cared for, they are also always on the lookout for reliable volunteers.
Now Jaine is appealing to local animal lovers for any help they can give. Having already used up all her savings, she is now faced with selling the only horsebox the charity owns just to fund the bills. The charity’s facebook page has over 5,000 friends and Jaine told The Advertizer, “I don’t like to beg, but last week I was very low and put out an appeal that if everyone on our facebook page committed to a standing order of £1 a month, that would help enormously. However, the bills still come every month, and we really do need regular income to help keep our residents warm, healthy and happy.”
“I have set up a gofundme page to cover the cost of just one vet bill, and I have appealed to anyone thinking of taking part in charity events to do them in the cause of our charity. This year’s Glasgow Kiltwalk takes place on 29th April with 3 walks: The Mighty Stride – 23 miles, The Big Stroll – 15 miles and the wee Wander – 6 miles. For every penny raised for the charity Sir Tom Hunter will contribute 40% on top. More information and the application process can be found on their website”
“Margaret and I have been overwhelmed by the response to my facebook appeal and really do hope that some of your readers will be able to make a contribution to help us keep helping these lovely animals. We are trying so many ways to raise funds and would be so grateful for any support anyone can give, whether it’s by donation or organising a fundraising event, donating items we can sell or auction, any unwanted tack or rugs, possibly to donate a bale of hay – absolutely any way you can support would be so very gratefully received. We are also always in need of reliable volunteers who have a true passion for horses and what we do.”
If you feel you could help out in any of the ways mentioned above, please contact the Animal Support & Rescue charity through their Facebook page. Donations can be made via PayPal to There is also a text donation option by texting ASAR22 AND £AMOUNT TO 70070. There is also the option to pay directly to our vet or feed company, details can be provided by sending a PM to the charities Facebook page.