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by Lauren Russell, Owner, Little Studio Kilmacolm

How much is Newborn photography worth?

Think back to how you deliberated over your wedding photographer - you ensured that the photographer was experienced so that your special day would be captured beautifully and professionally. This was probably a budget-stretcher but worth it in the long run as you now have a cherished collection of photos by which to relive that day.

Wedding and Newborn photography have one thing in common - neither photoshoot can be repeated! Newborn sessions usually have to be booked far in advance and have to take place within the first 10 - 14 days of your newborn’s life, as the newborn characteristics disappear after just 2 short weeks.

From the very first moment you see, hold and smell your newborn child, your world will change forever and your wedding day will pale in significance to this time in your life. You will want to remember all the little details such as your baby still curled up, milk spots, flakey skin, wisps of hair, pouty lips, curled up fingers and toes. These little details will change and disappear every single day as baby gets older and you will more than likely want both parents in these photos as well!

Clients who come to me to get their 6 or 7 month old baby photographed for the first time, more often than not express their regret at not having booked in for a Newborn session.

Perfecting poses and handling newborns (and doing so safely) takes years of training, practice and hard work. Newborn photographers simply cannot make mistakes. Any professional Newborn photographer will tell you that, above everything, safety is paramount.

What you need to take into consideration is that the photographer you choose, works safely with your baby, is experienced in posing and soothing newborns, has a varied portfolio showing comfortable and relaxed babies and, lastly, has a good reputation.

So, if you’re wondering how much Newborn photography is really worth, the answer shouldn’t be a monetary amount. It should be how much these images will be worth to you.

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