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Optical Blog

by Kerry Taher, New Vision Opticians

Why try Contact Lenses?

Some of you will be shuddering at the very thought of putting something on your eye. Believe it or not though, as long as your eyes are suitable and you can handle/take care of the contact lenses properly, anyone can wear contact lenses (CLs).

The choice of CLs is now greater than ever. Lots of different materials and huge ranges of prescriptions mean that everyone has an option, even varifocal wearers. From the part-time wearers (once or twice a year) to the full-time wearers (1 month without removing the CLs) and everything in-between, there are CLs for you.

The average age to start CLs is 12-15 years of age but fitting a child of 7 is not out of the question. As long as there is understanding of risks/hygiene and competence in handling then there is no minimum (or maximum!) age. CLs can even have a positive impact on a child’s social behaviour, helping them to feel more confident.

Probably the best question to ask yourself is “are there any occasions where I wish I didn’t need glasses to see?”. This can be anything from glasses feeling uncomfortable, steaming up, sports, vanity etc. If the answer is yes, then you should give them a try.

Most opticians offer free trials which involve an initial assessment and fitting based on a current eye examination, so just ask. You will then be taught all you need to know to safely handle and care for your CLs before the 1-2 week trial begins. After this, you have a check-up and this is when you decide if you wish to continue wearing CLs. All being well, different wearing schedules can then be discussed.

For any contact lens related information, please call the practice on 01505 614 700.

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