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October 2017

You may immediately recognise the front cover photo as the new and iconic Queensferry Crossing. My family was lucky enough to get tickets for the ‘once in a lifetime’ Open Day to walk across the new bridge which gave my daughter, Chloe, the chance to take some fantastic photos, one of which adorns the front cover. On the day, the weather was beautiful and everyone involved in marshalling and security was most helpful, making the whole occasion feel very jolly. Buses took us from outside The Gyle in Edinburgh to the south side of the bridge, where we had about an hour to walk across to the north side. At each gantry there were information boards with details of the bridge construction. Once on the other side, we were bussed back to our starting point over the original road bridge, giving us a fantastic view of the new bridge.

Following on from last month, I’m delighted to see that the seagulls are avid readers of the magazine and they seem to have gone off to bother some other community. I’m all for feeding the birds, but please remember not to leave food out in the open for them as this seems to encourage the gulls to visit.

There’s nothing slower than watching paint dry! Other than sitting in the lengthy traffic queues at Deafhillock roundabout. However, I timed it this morning and, when I’d just missed a changing of the lights, surprisingly it only took 1min 40secs before I had a green for go. Maybe I just got lucky. Although, to be honest, that short stationary spell still felt like a lifetime. Deafhillock roundabout roadworks are still causing a lot of grief for drivers. Our Councillors are taking note of our comments and hopefully the Council can apply some pressure to the developers to get a move on and get it finished. Meantime, all I can suggest is that you keep lobbying your local Councillors to keep them aware of your concerns.

Staying on the theme of disruption, developers/builders are happy to show us pretty architectural proposals of landscaped streets and houses, but the reality is often upheaval and upset, certainly little or no benefit short-term or even long-term for the existing residents. A prime example being the Gladman Developments proposal for the fields aside the Knapps Loch in Kilmacolm. We have further information on p12, and an article on p43 from the newly formed Kilmacolm Greenbelt Alliance who encourage anyone concerned by this and any other proposed developments to get in touch with them.

Gladman Developments seem to specialise in this sort of development and are also behind the plans to build in the fields approaching Bridge of Weir from Kilmacolm. Although the application has been refused by the Council, Gladman has appealed and, following a site visit from the Reporters in August, the evidence will now be reviewed and a decision is expected around November.

Running low? With no local petrol station we now need to make a journey just to fill up. The nearest ones are almost all located at supermarkets with the likely consequence that a trip to fill up also becomes a shopping trip, thus depriving our own local shops of much needed trade. There are suggestions of a new supermarket and petrol station on the east side of Bridge of Weir, but that would be just as counter-productive for the retail core of the village. How about saving the petrol facility that already exists at the former Bull’s Garage and integrating this into any new development of that site? Hopefully some common sense will prevail when our planners are considering the future.

Finally, I hope you’re sitting down as this month I am mentioning the ‘C’ word. Yes, the season for Christmas Fayres is approaching - we’ve got a few already mentioned in the village news. These are great for picking up Christmas gifts and catching up with friends, and all for good causes, so please support them if you can.

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