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by Kerry Taher, New Vision Opticians

Winter weather and your eyes

With the cold weather, most people will be thinking about scarves for the face and neck, gloves for the hands, hats for the head and warm boots for the feet. But what about the eyes?

Cold winter winds and central heating can cause havoc with the eyes, sometimes leaving them very dry, gritty, red and sore. If you’re suffering then you should keep well hydrated, take Omega-3 daily as this can help stimulate tear production, try a room humidifier and use artificial tears. It’s always best to have an eye examination to determine the exact cause of any problems.

Colds and coughs are very common in cold weather - they can be highly contagious and the germs can very easily transfer from the hands to the eyes causing various eye infections. Make sure to wash your hands (and your children’s hands) regularly to minimise the risk of infection.

Don’t put away your sunglasses yet! Summer is when we traditionally think of wearing sunglasses but they are equally important in winter, protecting our eyes from glare, harmful UV reflections from snow and ice and even acting as a barrier to block the cold air and wind. Snowy conditions reflect much more UV radiation into your eyes, so ensure you have proper UV protection especially when enjoying winter sports such as skiing/snowboarding. Polarised sunglasses are particularly good when driving towards a low sun in wet conditions.

Winter is a good time to have your eyes tested as poor light conditions mean that your eyes have to work harder, making them more likely to feel tired and strained. If you experience any difficulties eg driving in the dark (one of the most common winter complaints) then it’s a good idea to have your eyes checked. There’s almost always something that can be done to help.

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