Just as we were gearing up to get out and about the village for the first time this year, the ‘Beast from the East’ descended upon us with a vengeance, so that set us back a bit. Were we downhearted? Not in the least. Anyway, as we’ve said often enough before, just because you don’t see us out on the streets doesn’t mean that we’re not continuing our work to enhance Bridge of Weir. Our dedicated volunteers used the downtime to create items for sale at our second ‘Pop-Up Shop’ which was scheduled to open between 10.30am to 12.30pm on 24th March. (That was just over a week after the Advertizer’s April deadline so, at the time of writing, we’re not even sure that it won’t be nobbled by a ‘Pest from the West’ or some such – fingers crossed!)
Also, we’ve had meetings with other like-minded groups and agencies to see how we can create long-term biodiversity improvements as well as planting and maintaining our annual flowers and shrubs. If you have any thoughts on what might further enhance the environment of our village, let us know. You can contact us via our Facebook page, or our website wwww.brighterbridgeofweir.org or email secretary@brighterbridgeofweir.org.
You could also help us even more by becoming a volunteer. You don’t have to have any special skills, just an interest in creating a pleasant environment in which to live and work, and an hour or two to spare every now and then. It’s not really hard work, but it is very rewarding.