Tea Towels

A lovely memento, a useful gift and easy to post
£6.00 each
All proceeds to the Mwandi “Electric Classroom”

E-mail: teatowel@btinternet.com
or phone: 01505-690636 (Caroline)

The Gift of Light

As a gift to friends or loved ones why not give them part of a solar “Electric Classroom” for school students in Mwandi in Zambia.

This will last longer than chocolates or a book, and will bring a glow to your heart, as well as a glow in classrooms far away.
Gift cards available.

Click on the link www.give.net/20283361 or phone 01505 690636 (Caroline)

Electric sockets £5

Classroom light £20

Inverter (DC to AC) £150

Length of cabling £10

Battery storage £50

Laptop £250

Or other amount if you wish.