1. Buy Extra Chocolate

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. In between having to ferry the smalls to all the plays, concerts, parties and trying to remember all the different TIMES for these events you must also buy ALL the STUFF, wrap, write and post all the stuff. You might hit a low. You are going to need sugar. I advise you buy an extra box of confectionery for such times. Don’t tear into the lollipop lady’s chocs like I did last year.

2. Keep Calm, Santa!

Having said that he wanted a Lego Train for Christmas for weeks, nae months, the oldest one casually dropped into conversation last night that he hoped Santa knew it was the red and white Lego Train he wanted. NO SANTA DID NOT KNOW!! HE’S NOT A BL@@DY MIND READER, IS HE? Santa has since decided that the yellow and blue one will have to do because that is the only one Santa knows how to… err…make? Santa is going to lie down in a dark room now.

3. Purchase Sellotape with a Holder

Game. Changer.

4. Two Drinks

A friend once told me to always enter a party conversation armed with two drinks, so if you feel uncomfortable or bored you can pretend you’re looking for someone else and just swoop outta there. Also you have two drinks. Result. (There are only so many times you can do this of an evening without getting trollied. It may backfire.)

5. Do Nice Things

I know Amazon is easy, but do try to support your local shops and businesses. It cuts your carbon footprint and makes the lovely shop owners do a happy Christmas dance. Also, you might want to donate to a favourite charity or volunteer somewhere locally – it will help you put all the rest of these frantic, sparkly shenanigans in perspective.

Merry Christmas, from INSIGHT Magazine. XXX

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