• The Interview

    The Interview

    As I walk up towards the house a large, handsome, beaming, hairy-faced Jacobite in full regalia including calf-length leather coat and flintlock pistols leaps out from behind a van, “You must be Rona!” and he shakes my hand so warmly that the various weaponry attached to him rattles. “I’m Andy… The Highlander!” he says. I had guessed!
  • Cast Your Eye Over This

    Cast Your Eye Over This

    I meet up with Emma, owner and creator at The Gryffe Casting Studio in Bridge of Weir. In her garden studio Emma is working on a torso piece. She explains to me how these individual pieces of art are put together, and it is immediately clear that this is not just business for Emma, but most definitely a passion.
  • Taking the Kids… Doon th’ Watter

    Taking the Kids… Doon th’ Watter

    The staycation has its roots in America, but Scots have been talking about going ‘doon th’ watter’ for generations. Day tripping on the Clyde became a popular summer pastime with the advent of the paddle steamer in the early 20th century. In today’s economic climate more families are again enjoying day-trips closer to home. Here are our top five trips to take the family ‘doon th’ watter’ this summer.
  • Fox & Hounds… Reviewed

    Fox & Hounds… Reviewed

    I am not a fan of bright lighting when out for an evening. It might be something to do with the increasing years. Even in summer it’s quite nice sometimes to escape the brightness of the day. Descending stairs to the Stable Bar at the Fox & Hounds in Houston surrounded by twinkly lights and dark wood beams I am instantly relaxed.
  • Glen Moss Nature Reserve

    Glen Moss Nature Reserve

    This issue I am taking you to Glen Moss Nature Reserve; a lovely little walk right on our doorstep. The loop at Glen Moss is quite small, but with areas of woodland, marshland and wetland it is a haven for wildlife and plant species and there’s plenty to see for the careful observer.