You have until 23rd October to respond to


Gladman today submitted an appeal to the Scottish office in regards to their refused application to build houses at Kanpps Loch and North Denniston.

The forward process is that the public have until 23rd October to make representations to the Scottish Government department concerned via

You can view the appeal and the supporting documents at:

The KIlmacolm Civic Trust response:

The Kilmacolm Civic Trust plan to engage the professional Planning Consultant who represented us in the original application to draft a response to the appeal.

This will cost us circa £5000 and we would very much like your help by way of donation to offset the cost.

The help we need:

If you have not already indicated your willingness to donate, please help us by making a donation,  you can do this by contacting the Kilmacolm Civic Trust treasurer at and he will guide you through the process.

The forward process:

This professional response should not stop you making your own representation, the volume of protest matters, and we would encourage you to email the reporter.

Going forward, the Appeal is due to be determined through the Site Inspection process.  The procedure for this is that, at any time during the appeal process, the reporter may choose to carry out an inspection of the site or any other area relevant to the appeal, and may do so without the accompaniment of any parties to the appeal.  Alternatively the appellant, the authority and any other person involved in the case may be invited to attend.

At the site inspection, the reporter will attend solely to become familiar with the location and how it relates to the issues at appeal.  As a general rule, other people attending will not be allowed to discuss the merits of the case with the reporter, although they may point out particular physical features or be asked to respond to factual questions about the site.

Call to action!

What this means is that you have one opportunity to make your voice heard by emailing  and hopefully by financially supporting our professional initiative.