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  • A Spotlight on… Gibb Stuart’s Home Hardware
    Walking around Gibb Stuarts Home Hardware on the second last day of trading was a strange experience.  With staff milling around, shelves nearly empty and the odd customer rummaging through the last of the stock, the atmosphere was a little sombre. I overhear an older gentleman talking to Katherine (Owner… Read more: A Spotlight on… Gibb Stuart’s Home Hardware
  • The Ginger Cat Children’s Bookshop Book Reviews December 2022
    Jim is a dog who just so happens to live in the Victoria and Albert Museum. When the museum’s owner, Sir Henry Cole, invents the very first Christmas card, Jim is tasked with delivering the card to a very special recipient … Based on the real-life story of […]
  • Santa Sleigh 2022
    The Bridge of Weir Festival Committee is delighted to announce the dates and routes for the Bridge of Weir Festival Santa Sleigh routes this year. It’s particularly exciting because this popular tradition is 40 years old this year!! Each night Santa’s helpers will be knocking doors and asking […]
  • The Ginger Cat Children’s Bookshop Book Reviews November 2022
    A delightfully funny story from the author of There’s a Bear on my Chair. Mouse and Bear are going to decorate their Christmas tree, each take their turn but they just cannot agree on how to decorate the tree which leads to lots of funny misadventures for the pair who think that […]
  • Rhododendron Rage!
    When you think of vandalism, you might conjure images of inner-city streets and graffiti, but it turns out that vandalism can be meted out in a peaceful woodland near the sleepy centre of Kilmacolm. Last month in Milton Wood (Duchal Woods to us locals) someone […]

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