Under-65s with Parkinson’s in Renfrewshire invited to join others this November as popular event is back online

Parkinson’s UK Scotland is encouraging people of working age with Parkinson’s in Renfrewshire to meet with others and find out more about living well with the condition, at a free online event in November. The event is open to people with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Partners, adult family members or friends are also welcome. 
Drop-in sessions covering a range of topics will start on 18 November and be run flexibly over two weeks. Many of the sessions will be led by people with Parkinson’s and their partners, who developed the programme based on their experiences of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s at a younger age. 
Session topics will include Parkinson’s and employment, financial benefits, Parkinson’s research, medication, and navigating the health service.  There will be opportunities to share hints and tips and find out about the support that partners, family members and friends can access. 
The varied programme also features opportunities to try out activities that many people with Parkinson’s find helpful to manage symptoms, from singing and relaxation to dance, exercise and more.  
Brendan Hawdon, who was diagnosed aged 57 and is one of our Younger Parkinson’s volunteers said:
“If you’re diagnosed with Parkinson’s while you’re of working age, your concerns are likely to be about more than health. You might worry about your personal relationships, children, work, keeping a roof over your head and paying the bills, and what the future will hold. It can be a very isolating place to be.
“I attended this event for the first time last year and found it highly informative, highly enjoyable, and immensely beneficial to someone like me who had been relatively recently diagnosed. Hearing the experiences of others greatly helped me.
“It was also a great way to meet people with Parkinson’s and their carers, hear from a wide variety of specialists in the condition, ask questions, exchange tips, and have a laugh.”
Chloe Macmillan, Area Development Manager for Parkinson’s UK Scotland said:
“Parkinson’s affects people of all ages, and we know that there are around 1,800 people under 65 who’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s in Scotland, with about 60 of them in Renfrewshire.  
“People with Parkinson’s have told us that  their symptoms and wellbeing have gotten a lot worse since the pandemic, and some people have had NHS consultations cancelled or delayed. Now more than ever, we want younger people with Parkinson’s to know that they are not on their own, and find out more about things that can help. 
“Our face-to-face events are always oversubscribed, and attendees have told us that having information about Parkinson’s and things that can help with day to day life is invaluable. Meeting other people facing similar challenges, concerns and opportunities can make a massive difference, and we hope this online event will be as helpful in these difficult times.”
To find out more about the event, please check out our 2021 programme: https://prksn.uk/3nyt6Y7
For further details and to request a booking form, please contact Chloe on 0300 123 3679 or at scotland@parkinsons.org.uk.  
Find out more about Parkinson’s at www.parkinsons.org.uk.