Over 150 people eagerly attended ‘Ripped Up’ for the Fashion Show of the year – and that’s not including a 60 strong team of new models, clothes makers, dressers, makeup artists, production and back stage crew, who put on an exciting show that reflected a year of learning and understanding a whole lot more about the negative and very real life threatening effects that the fashion industry has on our environment.
Garments showcased on the runway were made by the Recycle and Dye – a group of 10 to 16 year olds who learn to design and make their own clothes from Scratch – often from discarded fabrics or other materials, or to extend the life of preloved clothing with print, dye and stitch techniques.
Gillian Steel, ReMode’s Co-ordinator and fashion show producer, said of their work, ‘while their message is a serious one, the small collective enjoys each others company as we work together. I’m delighted that this came across at the fashion show tonight. Thanks for a great year together.’
Photographs of the show have been credited to Elaine Beaten.