We Disagree About This Tree

Ross Collins ISBN 9781839944994

Nosy Crow Ltd

A delightfully funny story from the author of There’s a Bear on my Chair. Mouse and Bear are going to decorate their Christmas tree, each take their turn but they just cannot agree on how to decorate the tree which leads to lots of funny misadventures for the pair who think that their own way is best. Will they ever agree on the best way to decorate the tree? Perfect for ages 2 +

The Grumpus: And His Dastardly, Dreadful, Christmas Plan

Alex T. Smith ISBN 9781529041613

Pan Macmillan

The Grumpus HATES Christmas. But he LOVES Brussels sprouts. When his local greengrocer sells out of Brussels sprouts (because what’s Christmas dinner without Brussels sprouts?) the Grumpus decides that Christmas. Must. Be. CANCELLED. So he formulates a plan. A Dastardly, Dreadful Plan. A Dastardly, Dreadful Plan…TO CANCEL CHRISTMAS! So he sets off to the North pole with his trusty friend ‘The Stick’ by his side. However things don’t turn out quite the way that he planned, and The Grumpus finds that instead of cancelling Christmas, he just might be the one person who can save Christmas… A heartwarming tale about the true meaning of Christmas for all the family to enjoy.

The Book That No One Wanted to Read

Richard Ayoade Illustrated by Tom Freeman ISBN 9781529500301

Walker Books Ltd

Did you know that the most annoying thing for a book is to have their pages folded? Written from the point of view of an unwanted book, this book invites children to be a part of it’s incredibly funny and unusual story. What happens to a book that gets left on the shelf or the floor, and how can a book that no on wants to read become the book that YOU want to read? The book is fantastically illustrated throughout which compliments the story brilliantly. A fantastic book for 9+ readers who enjoy funny stories.

The Very Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Tim Lihoreau and Philip Noyce Illustrated by Olga Baumert ISBN 9780241562499

DK Children

Discover the orchestra in this beautifully illustrated book that journeys through the different instruments and sounds of the orchestra. The interactive elements allow the reader to listen to the various orchestral instruments and music from Tchaikovsky and Strauss along with other famous composers, who you can learn more about at the end of the book. This is a delightful book that would make the perfect gift for children age 5+ who wish to learn more about the orchestra or who have a love of music.

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