There’s a Bear in Your Book

Tom Fletcher ISBN: 9780241466636

Penguin Random House Children’s UK

A brand new ‘Who’s in Your Book’ story from bestselling author Tom Fletcher. Bear is feeling very sleepy, he needs to get ready for bed, but he might need some help! Help Bear pop all the bubbles at bathtime and give the book a shake to make those bubbles get super-duper bubbly! A fun interactive picture book that will help children develop a night-time routine. Age 2+

Everything you Know about Minibeasts is Wrong!

Dr. Nick Crumpton Illustrated by Gavin Scott ISBN 9781839942037

Nosy Crow Ltd

Uncover the truth about minibeasts in this fantastically illustrated book of myths and facts. Bees have been buzzing about for at least 100 million years and everyone knows that once a bee stings you they die..right? Wrong, in fact it is only the seven species of the Apis Honeybee that are affected and even then it only actually affects the females! There are over 20,000 species of bees around the world so almost all bees don’t die after they sting a person! What about eating spiders in your sleep??? Well, you’re going to need to read the book to find that one out.. A perfect gift for any minibeast lover!

While the Storm Rages

Phil Earle ISBN 9781839132056

Andersen Press Ltd

From the 2022 Book of the Year (children’s fiction) winner at The British Book Awards comes While the Storm Rages. The Second World War is looming and before Noah’s dad leaves to fight, Noah makes him a promise; he will take care of his mum and their pet dog Winn while his dad is away fighting. It isn’t long following his father’s departure before Noah hears that he is to be evacuated to Cornwall, not only that, the government are advising people to have their pets put down in readiness for the chaos of war. Noah is heartbroken and refuses to allow Winn to suffer that fate. Strong-willed Noah goes on the run and not just with Winn! With his friends and their pets in toe they take on the dangerous journey of trying to save their pets during the brink of war. An emotional roller-coaster of a story for 9+ readers.

The Upper World

Femi Fadugba ISBN 9780241505618

Penguin Randon House Children’s UK

Soon to be a Netflix film starring Academy Award winner Daniel Kaluuya. If you had the chance to change your future would you take it? Esso is a teenager who trouble just keeps finding. When Esso is running for the bus he jumps in front of a car to try and save a little boy from being hit; in doing so he has an out of body experience leaving him with the ability to see glimpses of the future. Something terrible is going to happen and it’s just hours away from happening.. Only one person can help him but she hasn’t even been born yet! 15 years into the future Rhia has spent her life moving between foster homes and is desperately looking for answers as to who she is and where she came from. Esso and Rhia’s fates must collide, but in doing so a race against the clock becomes a race against time itself. This sci fi, time twisting thriller is a must read for young adults 14+. Author Femi Fadugba studied at Oxford University where he published in Quantum Physics, the book contains diagrams throughout and you might not have found maths interesting before, but you certainly will after reading The Upper World.

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