Greeto Bridge, Largs Walk

by Rona Simpson

Difficulty: Easy/moderate, depending on your knees (steep, but short)
Starting Point: Car Park opposite Nardini’s (if you fancy a reward ice cream on your return) or the small car park at the top of Flatt Road (if you want to shave off a little distance)
Distance: 2.5 miles
Points of Interest: Wild swimming, views across the Clyde

As I write it is the hottest day we’ve had so far in July, which is lovely as it has been a bit of a wash out up until now. Social media is alive with stories of ‘wild’ swimming. So many seem to have embraced this new pastime, but of course it isn’t new. My mum told me she learned to swim in the river Endrick in Killearn. In fact, it was the only type of swimming she did as a youngish child. The first time she went to a swimming pool, as a teenager, she was appalled by the chemical smell and the awful noise! Anyway, I digress. This walk can involve some ‘wild’ swimming (or shall we just call it swimming?) So, if we manage to have a warm day in August and you fancy cooling off near a lovely, local waterfall this is the walk for you.

Greeto Bridge Walk at Largs 4km. Start the walk from either the car park across from Nardini’s or alternatively there is a small car park at the start of the Gogo Glen path at the top of Flatt Road. Make your way up the Main Street and after the pedestrian crossing near the Railway Station turn left, past the Post Office, turn right onto Gateside Street which becomes Flatt Road. At the top of the road take the right fork to find the start of the path. Here is a small car park and a path leading down to the Gogo Water. It’s worth going for a small detour down this path to appreciate the wonderful woodland within the Gogo Glen.

From the Gogo Glen car park follow the paved road through the gate and up the hill. It is quite a steep climb, but luckily you can stop to admire the wonderful views over to Cumbrae and Arran and catch your breath at the same time! Approaching the bridge – and along the route – there is the opportunity to strip off and take the plunge. Today this route is enjoyed by Largs families as a pleasant day out to admire the views and maybe take dip in the pools, but in times gone by it was also a route that folk used to take to get to the areas of peat, which was dug up and used as a fuel source in winter.
Cock-ma-lane cottage lies to the south of Gogo Glen below Castle Hill and the route continues from Greeto Bridge over rough ground to the old mast. Views here are spectacular taking in North Ayrshire hills and Clyde Coast. Follow the path back the way you have come.