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This Month – May 2019


I seem to always be going on about local groups and their reliance on the support of local people – whether through attendance at their events, or more importanly, through the giving of their time as volunteers.
Sadly, my words have come true with the unfortunate news that Bridge of Weir’s annual Gala will not take place this year. It’s disappointing when this happens as typically when these events stop it’s a big struggle to get them going again. Having said that, I am delighted to say that Lochwinnoch has managed to resurrect their Gala event this year after not running last year. The Lochwinnoch event will take place on Saturday 8th June on the theme of ‘Superheroes’ – a term that could apply to all the wonderful volunteers who make it happen!
On to Planning and Gladman are back in the news. A fresh application has been submitted for 88 houses on North Denniston only – the land to the left of the main road approaching Kilmacolm. News of this came in too late to include in our last issue, and the comments deadline was 26th April so too early for this issue. However, the Kilmacolm Civic Trust held a very busy meeting to inform villagers of this new development proposal.
In Linwood there are plans for a housing development which will be sited directly opposite St Benedict’s school, consisting of 200 houses on the Linwood side of the A737 and 50 on the Johnstone side, with the only vehicle access being via Bridge of Weir Road. Again, notice came too late/early for our past and present issues. There is also news of a proposed 246 development next to the Erskine Bridge Hotel which has been met with objection by the town’s community council.
The Local Development Plan is currently under consultation and can be viewed at the Customer Service Centre, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley, PA1 1AN between the hours of 8.45am to 4.45pm, Monday to Thursday and 08.45am to 3.55pm on Friday, online at or at Council Libraries. The closing date for comments is Monday 10th June 2019, so if you want to have your say please do so before the cut off date.
I found a very interesting post on Facebook regarding fly-tipping. It’s a horrible sight and terrible for the environment. It also costs the local councils every time they have to go out to clear up these dumps. Why people prefer to drive all the way into the countryside to dump rubbish when we are well served by our community refuse centres beggars belief. One thing we should all do is, if using a waste disposal company when helping to clear rubbish ensure they are fully accredited and that they have a waste carrier registration, otherwise you may inadvertently be sponsoring a fly-tipper. The SEPA website advises that anyone who transports controlled waste within the UK in the course of their business must register as a waste carrier. The transport of waste is highly regulated to ensure that waste is properly and legally disposed of, and failure to comply will result in a fine of up to £5,000.
May and June are the main months for our local shows and events. There’s lots of information in our village news pages and our diary section.
Christian Aid collections will be taking place locally from 12th to 18th May. If you can, please give, and if you pay income tax, please complete the Gift Aid form on the flap of the envelope, to allow Christian Aid to increase the value of your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you.
And finally, the Charity Car Wash held in April at Beaton Brothers in Bridge of Weir raised £800 for charitable causes. Well done Rotary in Action and many thanks to Beaton Bros and all the customers on the day.

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