This Month – September 2018

Lately, it seems to be the roads that get my attention. On this occasion the unbelievable timing of resurfacing Houston Road. Having had six weeks of no school and perfect weather, we were told that the whole road would be closed between Bridge of Weir and Houston, for a period of two weeks, with a detour via Brookfield and Deafhillock Roundabout. This just as the schools were due to go back! Thankfully, the Council took heed of the concerns of villagers and made sure that the initial stretch to Bridge of Weir Primary school was open for their first day back. The rest of the road was quickly completed by the weekend. All within one week, so I suppose a “Well Done!” is in order. However, let’s just hope that a hasty repair doesn’t produce a compromise in quality.
In Kilmacolm, the parking discs (cardboard clocks) are now obsolete, although the two hour waiting time is still in place with wardens patrolling from time to time. The disc system was never popular from the outset and highly unfair in its implementation. Such a waste of time and resources, only to have it discarded (couldn’t resist the pun).
Again on parking, there were Council proposals to introduce parking charges in Johnstone. With retail outlets already expressing their concern at falling customer numbers, this can hardly be proactive to encouraging shoppers into the town centre. We should be making it easier for customers to access their nearest shops, when it’s already all too easy to travel out of town to the hyper shopping malls. There are many very good businesses in the centre of Johnstone, who rely on our custom. As the old saying goes, “use it, or lose it”.
Due to a number of new build developments in the area, we will be updating our Advertizer delivery maps over the coming weeks and extending our delivery within each village where necessary to encompass these routes. If you live within the boundaries of our delivery villages and have not been receiving a copy, please get in touch and we’ll check if you should be on a route. We print over 13,500 copies of the Advertizer every month and aim to deliver to every home in Bridge of Weir, Brookfield, Houston, Howwood, Kilbarchan, Kilmacolm, Lochwinnoch, and Quarriers; we look for your feedback to ensure we are doing this effectively. Copies are also left for pickup in Bishopton and Erskine. Find out more on our website at
Some of our readers were lucky enough to receive a copy of our new lifestyle magazine, Insight, last month. This is the “baby” of the ‘new girls’, Anna McGeachie and Rona Simpson, who joined us earlier this year. If you didn’t get a copy and live in Kilmacolm, Bridge of Weir, Houston, Brookfield or Quarriers, please get in touch. Thank you to our delivery team for doing the ‘double’ delivery. Insight will be a quarterly magazine and we hope to bring the next issue to our whole distribution area. Meantime, if you didn’t see one, you can view the online version at, and for a small postage fee we can post a copy out to you. We’d be delighted to hear your views on the style, content, also what works and what we might improve on for the next edition.
As we head towards Autumn, it’s time to do some ‘housekeeping’ around your property. Time to get your roof and gutters checked for repairs and clearing before the wind and rain of winter make the job so much more pressing. And if you’ve got trees in your garden, ask one of our local tree specialists about getting these into shape before the storms. Trees are lovely and are the lungs of the planet, but when they get too tall and wide then they become a hazard. And with the root system being proportionally as large as the tree, check they are not encroaching on your underground pipework and foundations. Prevention is usually the best route to take (sorry, another pun).
Our cover shot this month is the Queensferry Crossing which marks its first anniversary this month. I was lucky enough to be one of the 50,000 people invited to walk across the bridge prior to its opening last year. Thanks to Chloe for the image.