This Month – September 2019

So The Advertizer has hit the big 300! When I started the magazine as a four page flyer, just around Kilmacolm, I never dreamed it would become as popular and as far reaching as it has. This was supposed to be a wee part-time job to see me through the early years of bringing up the family. And now the family is grown up and working in the office!
The Advertizer flourishes thanks to the many advertising clients who support the magazine, the contributors who provide the news and events each month, and the readers who give us such good feedback each month. However, we are always open to new suggestions and if you have ideas of content that we could incorporate then we would be delighted to hear from you. If you would like to be part of a consultation group as we go forward, please contact me for more details –
September is the month of Doors Open Days and there are plenty of interesting buildings to have a look around. We’ve got some listings in the magazine but for a full and comprehensive list and details of how to get entry, please visit the website at and enter the region you are interested in.
There is an article on p10 about the coming of the railway to our community, which ran through the villages of Bridge of Weir and Kilmacolm. Sadly, the railway was closed in 1983 and although there is a growing surge of support for the reinstatement of many lines around the country, this cannot happen if councils allow building development on and around the still existing pathways that the lines lay on. This was brought to the fore recently as yet another developer submitted a proposed planning application for the land next to the old station building in Bridge of Weir. Hopefully our local councillors will encourage the council to look at the long term goals rather than the short term situation.
We’re delighted to hear that local music events will be returning to the Carrick Centre with their wonderful Carrick Nights. We hope to bring you news of events in the coming months. We are very lucky with our local music and drama scene, as we already have a number of events held in various venues in the local villages, and this will enhance our music experience in Houston as well.
There were impressive exam results across all the local schools this year. Plenty of news on that in our schools section. To everyone leaving school and branching out into the big world of work or further education, good luck. To pinch some great advice from a good friend, no matter what your results were, you still have options. And it’s what you do next that matters.
On a personal note, I would like to congratulate former Advertizer delivery girl, Heather Gould for winning her dream job at Inverclyde’s “The Recruit” programme. I’m sure this is only the beginning of a sparkling career!
And finally, I can’t really believe it but I was asked the other day if I knew the date for the Knapps Bonfire. Just for info, it will be held on Saturday 2nd November! We like to keep you all up to date!